Importance of Press Release Services

As the importance of public communication for personalized marketing is increasing day by day amid the growing power of social media marketing, press release submission is also getting more important for digital marketing. Today, PR distribution has become the key marketing tool for all type and size businesses but the effectiveness depends upon the strategy, quality, and execution standards followed by the Press Release Distribution Services provider.

What is a Press Release?

Press release is a written or recorded communication created with authority to convey the information about any new development through media; may it be product launch, services update, new offer, upcoming event, action, incident, organizational change etc. The purpose to communicate or inform the target audience can be met out only if the submitted press release follows the best standards ensuring information level, freshness, readership parameters, engagement etc. The prime objective of press release submission is to keep the community updated about any development within organization and to keep them believing that the ‘brand’ cares them.

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Press Release Distribution Services

‘How to write the press release for the particular objective’, ‘where to submit press releases’ and ‘how to track the effectiveness’ are the few major concerns that make the outsourcing of press release service from the experts who could ensure the following 7 benefits of PR distribution:

  1. Instant Exposure - Spreads the word about any new development in your organization
  2. Higher Sales Potential-Strengthens the trust & bonding with potential buyers and stakeholders  
  3. Adds an edge to Digital Marketing-Each press release represents exceptional incredibly
  4. Effective Branding Tool - PR campaign offers the space for branding with high-authority
  5. Brings More Traffic to Website - Almost 80 million people explore the digital space to know the latest
  6. Offers Chance for Creating Backlinks - PR distribution through multiple media channels spreads the backlinks helping in SEO  
  7. Grabs Attention of Influent Investors - PR distribution at high authority sites grabs the attention of influencers and investors.

How to Make Press Release SEO The Best Effective

The way you share the information matters a lot in the results; same is the case with press release submission. Every press release should have all the key elements to deliver the above referred benefits. So, how can you use press release at the best for SEO?

  1. Choose The Right Keywords - The press release writing strategy should take care of target keywords.
  2. Place The Keywords Strategically: Proper keywords placing in headline, subtitle and body is vital for SEO and marketing objective. The success mantra to PR distribution is - Serving readable content should be priority rather than keywords use for SEO.
  3. Create Backlinks With A Purpose: Different press release submission sites have different norms; so, follow the limits for backlinks creations but ensure that keyword supported link should be created with a purpose and relevance.
  4. Maintain Consistency in Press Release SEO: To get the long term SEO benefits of PR submission, publish new newsworthy PRs on the regular basis; it conveys the message to target audience that company cares for its stakeholders.     
  5. Create The Press Release For Informing Not For Sale: The most of press releases created with sales tone are rejected by the high PR press release submission sites.  The key to create effective press release is to keep informative instead of making it advertisement.

Why to Hire us for Press Release Distribution Services

We are providing PR submission services for over the years helping the small businesses, corporate companies, production units, ecommerce stores, institutions and others to communicate with target community. Our in-house press release writers are well aware of the latest Google’s ranking algorithm updates including Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon etc; so, each submission at high ranking sites delivers multidimensional benefits for branding, public relationship, ORM, Social media marketing, SEO etc.

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