Backlink Audit & Link Disavow Services

Negative impacts upon the website traffic and the rank position often come as a shock without any apparent reason known to the webmasters. However, the most common reason driving such penalties or rank setbacks is the presence of unnatural links. After recent updates by the leading search engine –Google, identifying the spammy links and removing all such promotional threads has become an urgency to safeguard the website from a penalty. We at Samyak Online offer backlink audit and backlink removal services to secure your websites from the penultimate action.

Since a couple of years, our SEO experts are engaged in devising and implementing the methodologies to identify and remove the spammy links; during this period, we have saved numbers of websites from being the penalized. Google also supports the SEO masters believing in ethical SEO; so, we have Disavow links tool introduced by Google in October 2012.

Using Disavow links tool is a specific job and it needs in-depth knowledge of search engines’ working as per latest updates, technical perfection, experience, and patience. We have a dedicated team of SEO professionals who have proven record of offering Link Disavow Services. Our experts precisely identify and remove problematic and unethical links with Disavow links tool; so, you get clean backlinks record that search engines love. The web owners realize the rank regain and improve benefits almost instantly despite cutting down the SEO efforts.

Distinguished Back Link Audit and Back Link Removal Strategy

The way we use Disavow links tool also distinguish our Link Disavow Services. The transparency, assessment, and reporting of activities and rank benefits make you confident of doing well in www world. The backlink audit and backlink removal services, we offer with customized strategy, cover all the critical stages:

  • Understanding of Site
  • Link Audit – Diagnosis of toxic links
  • Compilation of Backlinks
  • Link Quality Diagnostics
  • Reporting for bad links to removed
  • Disavow file sharing
  • Reconsideration request submitted to Google via Google Webmaster Tool

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