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As the trend of using voice search option on Android mobile is growing fast, optimizing the website for the leading virtual assistants like Apple's Siri, Google's Voice Search, and Microsoft's Cortana  etc has become a necessity. Do you know you may be missing numbers of enquiries despite having good rank at texted search results? Yes, the results of voice searches are different from the texted search results. We, as being the leading SEO services provider in India, offer the voice search optimization services to help you win the race on both the landscapes - virtual assistants and search engines.

How to Optimize for Voice Search?

The voice search, often tending to be local, is more natural and conversational in tone. These tend to be longer than the text search queries. To optimize your mobile responsive business website for voice searches, you should --

  • Target long tail keywords/ phrases
  • Optimize local listings
  • Use Q & A -style content
  • Share schema microdata
  • Improve the loading speed and
  • Use the informative headers in content 

What is "OK Google"?

"OK Google" feature on Android phones or tablets facilitates for voice searches & actions. For example, speak- “OK Google, which is the best SEO Company in Delhi?" to outsource the SEO services in Delhi. "Ok Google" voice search option is available in Google app., an inbuilt feature of most of Android mobile phones or tablets.   

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant feature is available on all the new generation Android phones; it allows you to make the searches in different languages to plan and communicate better. It helps you get the best answers to local info like about weather, food, business hours, navigation etc in addition to assist you for planning & entertainment etc.

What are the Key Benefits of Outsourcing Voice Search Optimization Services?

  • Increase in Relevant Traffic – Voice Search optimization makes your website more useful for the users to get the quick answers of who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” and “how”; therefore, search engines refer your website more times; and, in return, you get relevant traffic of serious buyers.  
  • Buyers Come to Your Way – Most of voice searches are tuned for local sources. The voice search optimization experts optimize the contact information to draw the yet missing visitors to your business location.
  • Increased Authority – When your website is referred to respond the voice search, your business is seen more trusted by the visitors; in parallel, you get the advantage of brand’s repute strengthening.    
  • Persuades the Customers Decide in Your Favour – The voice search optimization boosts the performance of website in voice search results. The majority of users tend to trust the top rankers to make purchases; and, you will be one among the few.   

Why to Hire Samyak Online For Voice Search Optimization?

  • As being the multidisciplinary studio, we provide customized services to meet out your diverse demands including web designing, CMS development, ORM, SMO, backlink audit, PPC etc in addition to voice search optimization.
  • We understand the behaviour of search engines and users better; therefore, we are capable to structure the technical parameters according to search pattern of virtual assistants.  
  • We have dedicated team of highly trained Voice Search Optimization Experts, who formulate the most effective strategy to improve the appearance of your business site in voice search results.
  • The optimization of web content for long tail keywords and commonly spoken phrases is the prime necessity. We have in-house team of knowledgeable content writers, well versed with voice search trends, to optimize the web content with focus on Q & A pattern.  
  • The monthly audit report makes you believe for hiring the most efficient Voice Search Optimization Agency in India.
  • Our voice search optimization services are competitively priced to help every size business remain in race of optimization and to get profit boost.  

Samyak Online, New Delhi  is the leading Voice Search Optimization Company. Just get in touch with our voice search optimization experts to know – ‘how we can boost up your business performance though Voice Search..

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