Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Audit

What is SEO Site Audit?

SEO audit of a website is an analytical process of evaluating the friendliness with search engines. It is a complete health check up of website giving detailed reports about on-page and off page elements contributing to search engine visibility, traffic, usability, conversion, brand image, numbers of followers etc. SEO site check-up score varies with time domain age, development of authoritative back links, and other SEO exercises. Outsourcing SEO audit service is inevitable to maximize the SEO campaign gains by keeping it on the guided track.

What are the Benefits of SEO Audit?

Before planning any online promotion campaign, you must know all about the outcomes and effectiveness. SEO site check-up is a must to get technical insights in to the existing online presence; it helps to formulate the best SEO strategy by identifying and repairing the onsite/offsite issues that secretly divert traffic to competitive websites. SEO audit scales the quality of web content also giving the fair idea for optimizing headers, tags, titles, keyword distribution, images, page content, multimedia etc to improve user engagement. The website audit report presents the real time picture of traffic trend highlighting the peaks and valleys; it helps you understand customers’ behavior better.

When do you Need Technical Site Audit?

To remain in race of getting the top slots in search results, you must make ‘technical site audit’ on a periodic process. The regular algorithm updates by Google make it more important to review the business website and to fine tune it according to the latest ranking norms, marketing challenges and ever changing customer behavior. Ideally, you must outsource the best SEO audit services once a quarter and at the beginning of new digital marketing/promotion campaign. Being proactive is better than losing the traffic to your competitors.

Checklist of SEO Audit of a Website

SEO audit company technically analyzes all the website parameters and off page factors by using different SEO audit tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Semrush, Moz etc. Ideally, the scope of SEO website audit covers - strategic objectives, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, technical analysis, SEO audit page analysis, content analysis, user experience analysis, link analysis and citation analysis etc. SEO audit report provides you realistic information also about sitemaps, site architecture, crawl issues, code issues, redirect issues, mobile optimization, site speed, social signal impact etc. And, what about SEO audit price? Simply, SEO audit cost depends upon the activities and scope of SEO audit packages.

Search Engine Optimization Audit Strategy

The SEO check online begins only after having the balanced strategy effective for mobile shoppers, window shoppers, B2B marketing etc; and the balanced strategy formulation needs well defined business goals. The web SEO analytics cover the quality, relevance, authority and effectiveness of keywords, local search terms, backlinks, web content in addition to technical on page elements. The difference between the perspectives of local SEO audit and global SEO audit creates difference in strategy also; therefore, you must have objectives and expected gains well defined. Technical analysis of SEO audit revolves around accessibility and index ability; it highlights each issue tending to draw ranking penalty or traffic loss. On page SEO audit strategy can be formulated separately for two areas individual page issues and general content issues like keyword cannibalisation and duplicate content.

We as being the leading SEO audit service provider do intensive efforts to understand your business and the target audience before going straight for audit exercises. For us, SEO audit is more than just using few free website analytical tools; we endeavour to make you aware, realized & convinced – how you can boost your business performance through global and local SEO.

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