Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

Officially launched on May 5th 2003, LinkedIn is the world’s largest network of over 546 professionals in more than 200 countries & territories worldwide. LinkedIn was initiated to connect the professionals to make them more knowledgeable, updated, productive & successful. LinkedIn, one of the most trusted social media marketing platforms, transforms the way you sell your products/services through B2B or B2C model. All the LinkedIn marketing efforts and results are measurable that guide you to optimize your content marketing tactics. Today, more than 9+ million companies have active accounts over LinkedIn for social sales; so what you are waiting for. We offer the best articulated LinkedIn marketing services to help you add an edge to marketing efforts.

What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn Advertising

Available in 24 languages, LinkedIn crushes the language barriers; thus, it connects more people worldwide to your business. According to the facts shared in 2017, the numbers of monthly active users engaged in 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn has crossed 106 million figure. The 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions. According to the statistics shared by Statista, LinkedIn was the most popular social network used by Fortune 500 companies. Over 71% professionals see LinkedIn as a credible source to find the quality information. Can you still afford to miss the opportunities LinkedIn advertising offers?

The apparent benefits of LinkedIn promotion include: Identifying the right people to make purchasing decisions, receiving recommendations from influencers, receiving referrals to sale to others with authority, brands visibility for the potential buyers, finding the right groups for target marketing etc. The word of mouth publicity supports your sales efforts because the people you contact already know your brand. LinkedIn offers unique space to keep your target audience engaged through discussions, contributions, content marketing etc. There are numbers of other benefits also including the recruitment help but the ultimate experience depends upon the quality of LinkedIn campaign. We have well trained and experienced digital marketing experts with specialization in customized LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn’s advertising platform facilitates for easy to start self-service campaign powered by Text Ads & Sponsored Content. Campaign Manager helps you configure ads, run the campaigns, and track the progress. Choosing LinkedIn’s account-managed advertising is a good option to engage the premium audience that support the brand image as the influencers. The 2nd step of LinkedIn B2B marketing is to choose the Ad format; the options are Text Ads, Sponsored Content, or both.  Sponsored content promotes the updates on your company page; while the text ads appear at the top, side or bottom of the member’s feed.  The 3rd crucial step of LinkedIn branding is to target the ads for the particular audience segment by using ‘Audience Expansion’.

How can you Optimize Linkedin Advertising Costs?

Whatsoever marketing campaign you plan, the prime concern is ‘maximum ROI’. LinkedIn marketing for B2B gives you liberty to set your budget, and, our social media marketing experts formulate the best LinkedIn marketing strategies to suit your brand, target audience and marketing goals – short term and long term. Here, you can choose two options to advertise on LinkedIn - cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC). CPC is directly related to conversions like lead capture, webinar registration etc while CPM is more focused on branding. The regular result monitoring helps to justify and optimize the invested budget, efforts, strategy and time.

Customized Linkedin Marketing Services- You Deserve the Best:

We as being the leading social media marketing company in India offer maximum options to choose the best suitable LinkedIn marketing plan. Because of being SMM, SMO and SEO specialists for over the years, we have reliable network of influencers having good followership. Our LinkedIn content specialists engage the brand relevant key influencers and users to get the referrals, reviews and leads; in return, you get much needed support for branding, credibility, marketing and sales in addition to organic growth parallel to SEO benefits.

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