Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

“Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome..” — Neil Patel

Samyak Online is a leading SEO Company based in India that offers quality Search Engine Optimization and SEO Services. Our SEO Professionals do every effort by using white hat SEO techniques to ensure top search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our SEO Processes are as per Google SEO guidelines. We are committed to delivering results to our clients. We have mastered the techniques and process of search engine optimization. The testimony of our expertise in SEO is our ever growing list of clients. Look at our SEO testimonials - What the clients speak about our SEO results.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO is the set of techniques used to improve the ranking of a web page in search results. Off page SEO revolves around the practices of using content, relationships, and backlinks to create the optimal experience for search engines’ crawl bots and prospects; as a result, website gets more brand mentions, traffic, leads and conversions.

The Difference Between On Page & Off Page SEO

On page SEO is all about optimizing the web page elements, while the off page SEO is all about promoting the website’s value in target community by optimizing off the site elements. On page SEO is commenced to tell the community and search engines – ‘what is the website or a web page about?’ Off page SEO is commenced to influence the search engines and the community by gradually increasing the authority and popularity of website through strategic link building.

Why you Can’t Afford to Ignore Off Page SEO

You can have the best designed business website but you wouldn’t make expected growth unless you align your marketing strategy with customers’ buying behaviour. ‘How the potential buyers and search engines perceive your business website’ is the guiding line for off page SEO activities. The strategy Off page SEO promotes brand repute, extends reach in target community, increases referral & social traffic, increases domain authority, improves search engine ranking. Can you imagine the business growth in the absence of these social, branding and ranking factors?

Link Building in SEO – The Power Behind the Success

The importance of link building SEO has never been so high. The search engines use links to discover new web-pages and to determine the rank in search results. However, some SEOs started using unethical practices for link building SEO for quick gains but they were not smarter than Google; and the result was the outcome of 'Penguin Update on April 2012' that trapped all the websites having spammy links. More links still result in higher ranking score provided they are from the different and authoritative domains. When the fresh and relevant keywords enriched content attracts lot of high-quality backlinks, your business website hits three ranking signals: link authority, link diversity and number of backlinks.

Link Building Services – What Makes Them Effective

Link Building in SEO

In 1997, Google created an algorithmic system to determine the valuation of links; since then, Google is refining its links algorithm on regular basis in a never ending spree to improve user experience. Relevant backlinks are more important than to have more poor links. Google values external links more than to internal Links. Link building SEO services must be focused to create new backlinks over the unique domains rather than creating more links at same portal. The links created over the web content get more value than those created in footers/sidebar/navigation. The backlinks created over the high ranking, important, popular and trusted websites get more value. A link's SEO value is determined also by the domain's authority, diversity, relevancy, position on webpage, anchor text, co-citations etc. These are the different Off Page SEO services as depicted in the graphic below:-

Off Page SEO

Samyak Online – A Link Building Company you can Rely upon

Samyak Online offers a natural & customized targeted link popularity service that doesn't use any means of Spam and follows the search engine guidelines. To develop and manage customized link popularity campaign is one of the most difficult areas of Search Engine Optimization. The search engines don't want "artificially created links" and "Link Farms".

Outsource our offshore Link Popularity services that increase:

  • Secure high ranking in Search Engines.
  • Increase Link Popularity of your website.

To get the backlinks that could improve the website’ visibility in global and local search results, you need to outsource the best backlink service. As being the leading link building company in New Delhi (India) for over the years, we tailor the SEO strategy particularly for your business that sets fit to the best analyzed demographic parameters, business operations, marketing/growth plans, competitive challenges etc. We invite you to explore our competitively priced link building packages designed to deliver long lasting off page SEO benefits supporting your global and local marketing plans. Our SEO expert links with a relevant theme based high quality, high traffic websites or web pages that will drive both traffic and improve link popularity to your website. The links are direct and search engine friendly as we do not get links which are with redirection script or indirect. We also offer link maintenance or management services. Link maintenance services are required because many sites get offline or nonfunctional which require replacement. Some time other site remove your link or rename there a page or shift your link to another page on the same website. These all require some to look for your inbound links from time to time. We can render these services at affordable prices to suit your budget.

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