Professional Directory Submission Services

Directory submission is the most commonly used SEO technique being trusted for over the years. The process involves submitting the business website to appropriate directories to improve online exposure and relevant organic traffic; and, here you need the professional directory submission services. Directories are explored to get the precise and authentic information by the buyers just like the people had to use telephone directory to find the desired phone number. There are two types of business directories – ‘Instant directories’ and ‘Approval based authority directories’.

Benefits of Business Directory Listings

Despite advent of new SEO techniques, the business directory listing is the integral part of successful SEO campaign. Whether you own a personal blog, corporate website, small business website or ecommerce store, directory submission helps you in many ways – genuine backlinks, increased traffic, better online exposure, higher search engine ranking, more customers & sales, increased brand awareness, target marketing etc. Most of the prominent directories allow the users to use adequate space for describing the products/services; it is a great opportunity to convince your potential buyers.

Automated V/S Manual Directory Submission

Probably you might be getting the auto-generated emails for automated directory submission; while the leading SEO companies adhered to Google norms offer manual directories listing. Which is the better option?

Automated directory submission through software saves time and efforts both. However, this prompt process of backlink building lacks in following all the guidelines of web directories because of its limited capacity to select the most appropriate category. As a result, chances of rejection or facing ban are pretty high also because of spelling, grammar and/or syntax error.

Manual directories submission needs more time and strategic efforts from the trained SEO experts. The categories of directories are explored manually to pick the best space for posting the business details. The key benefit of opting for manual directory submission is that you can edit the posted details any time. The chances of accepting your manual submission are more than to automated submission because directories too favour manual listings.

Importance of Directories Submission in Local SEO

According to Andre Weyher, an ex-Googler, "Don't dismiss the directories. Niche directories are still worth for online promotion. Getting 3 relevant links from the authentic pages is better than creating 100 spam links." Getting listed on location based directories is highly effective for local SEO. The high authority directories accept the submissions only after quality scrutiny; so, the local buyers see your presence more credible. And, the credibility for your brand as accepted by the good directories impresses search engines also to rank your business higher. After the introduction of local search filters, the importance of directories submission has increased much because the majority of searches are intended to make purchases from the nearby source. The listed business detail, enriched with locally used keywords/ phrases, brings the potential buyers to you.

How to Optimize Submission in Local Business Directory

To get the maximum advantage of manual directory submission, you need to have a Google friendly strategy. How should you formulate the best strategy for directory submission?

  1. The created links should be optimized for the locally used keywords.
  2. Results oriented directory submission needs intensive keyword research with focus on the latest updates like  Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Pirate.
  3. You should keep the anchor text varying to avoid any possibility of being caught for anchor text spamming; also, too many links with same anchor text are unacceptable.  
  4. Don't infuse the' sales pressure' in business description; the use of exaggerated descriptive words like 'the largest', 'top leaders' etc serve no purpose but to increase the rejection possibility.
  5. Selection of the most relevant category is the key to higher viewership of your submission; it helps the search engines to put your website in geographical search results.

We are providing least priced free & paid directory submission services for over the years. Our experts have deep insights in to search patterns with practical experience of using the advanced tools for keywords research and tracking.

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