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We have vast expertise in getting your article submitted and published in article directories. Your articles are submitted incorrect categories categories to provide maximum results. Articles are submitted manually by our experienced SEO experts who know the guidelines of these directories. Articles are a great way to get one-way quality links to the site which increases traffic and sales as well.

How to Promote your Web Site by Writing Articles

Sharing knowledge on the web can be a very powerful way to establish your online presence and credibility. You write a thoughtful and informative article on a topic in your area of expertise. Then you submit it to e-zines to be read by the general public and possibly re-published on other websites. Webmasters who wish to republish your article on their sites are required to include your resource box along with any live links to your site.

The benefit that you get from your article is two-fold. First, your article will be read by visitors to the e-zine site. Webmasters who find your article useful to their visitors may re-publish it on their sites, giving your article additional exposure.

Every time your article is re-published on a website, you gain an additional one-way link to your site through the live link in your resource box. This adds to your link popularity and ultimately increases your search engine rankings.

Tips for Effective Article Writing

1. Your title should be catchy that can attract the reader's attention.

2. Explain your points in short paragraphs. Lengthy paragraphs should be avoided.

3. You should offer lots of useful and free information to the readers that can help in their quest to complete their objectives.

4. Your article should not look like the advertisement of your products or services.

5. You should use live clickable links in your resource box. The obvious advantage of it that readers can go to your site simply by clicking on it and search engines will be able to index it as a link your website, adding to your link popularity and search engine rankings.

6. Your resource box should contain your name, your organization name, a brief description of your products or services, your web site's URL, and a clickable link to your site.

7. You should submit your articles in various article directories.

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