Ezine Advertising Service

Electronic magazine are known as ezine (e-zines). Some ezines are simply electronic versions of existing print magazines, whereas others exist only in their digital format. Most ezines are advertiser-supported but a few charge a subscription. eZines letters are sent via email containing tips, information, reviews and tests. They cover every imaginable subject, everything. They are sent to each recipient via email.

Writing and submitting articles to e-zines can be a great way to promote your web site and E-Books, and best of all doesn't cost any money. In return for providing an original article to an e-zine editor, you will get your 'Resource Box' placed at the bottom of the article in the e-zine. Your Resource Box would include a brief description of your business or web site (3 to 4 lines is typical) and your URL. To receive these e-zines, people chose to subscribe. They therefore are highly qualified leads. By submitting articles with a link to your site, you can generate a lot of traffic.

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