#Hashtags as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Hashtags should be made part of social media marketing strategy. It not only facilitates to find content related to any particular topic or subject but also ties the conversations of different users into one stream. We can easily identify an audience with similar and common interests. On Twitter, very popular hashtag appear in the trending topics. Hashtagify.me helps in searching and finding the best Twitter #Hashtags.

Search Engines & Social Media that support #Hashtags

Searches also take place on social platforms other than popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.
Due to Hashtags increasing popularity, besides Social Media sites, Google, Yahoo, Bing display #hashtag results. The important social media sites that support hashtags are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • FriendFeed
  • Pinterest

Where to register #Hashtags

The hastag can be registered at HashTags.org, Twubs.com. Hashtags.org, which also provides tracking  to gather in-depth intelligence. If you know how to make hashtag work for you, then these are very powerful to reach new audience and existing customers.

Uses of #Hashtags in Social Media

Engage in Discussion
Hashtags allow people with common interest on a topic to join and engage in the discussion. For example #SEOTips hashtag ties the conversation of different users under one stream.

Research Tool
Hashtag can be used as a research tool. The information can be gathered and analyzed about What consumers, competitors are talking about the product or services.

Promoting an Event or Conference
Hashtag can be used to to promote an event or the conference. It is a great way to pre-promote an event, promote during event is going-on and keep people connected after the event.

Reaching Existing and New Customers or Followers
The use of right hashtag can help in obtaining new customers or followers due to your comments that reach in the similar interested people. They might retweet also widening your customer or follower base to reach more and more people. Hashtags are also a great method to introduce special offers, and to increase brand awareness among the customers promote.

Hashtags Best Practices

These are some guidelines and best practices to use hashtags most effectively:-

  • Short, Precise Hashtag. For example #SamyakOnline is preferable to #SamyakOnlineServicesIndia
  • It should not be spammy. Use of 4 or 5 hashtags in a tweet makes it unnatural.
  • Hashtag should be eyecatching with each word first letter in uppercase. for example #SamyakOnline not# samyakonline

The hashtags should be promoted on the web site, business cards, letterheads and advertisements and your tweets. You should promote your hashtag in the tweets. The people should be educated and encouraged to follow the tweets with your hastag.

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