Email Marketing Expert Career

We require Email Marketing Expert with the following qualification and desired qualities:


  • Graduate or Post Graduate

Minimum Experience :

  • 1 year


  • Set up the email marketing campaigns through the conceptualization, development, testing, execution and optimization of email campaigns, reaching prospects and existing customers
  • Manage and build various email lists and campaigns, including the program schedules, design templates, calls to action, A/B tests
  • Create and segment lists based on behaviors and interactions (content downloads, page visits, etc.) & measure results and optimize nurture efforts to convert leads to customers.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in ROI & Increase lead generation and conversion metrics to meet Targets

Desired Qualities:

  • HTML Email creation, planning, scheduling, testing and updation
  • Target, execute and monitor email campaigns
  • Optimize email programs through continuous testing & targeting
  • Manage email campaign and traffic related communication to all required stakeholders
  • Monitor and coordinate with other team members and client for consistent delivery of email campaigns
  • Proactively identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of email marketing programs & Optimize metrics like opens, clickthroughs and bounce rates
  • Stay abreast of and recommend email marketing best practices with coding, design and testing of email campaigns
  • Integrate data and metrics into email Marketing decision making process
  • Continuously work on developing and evolving an overall email Marketing strategy
  • Generate daily / weekly / monthly reports on all email marketing campaigns


  • As per best in the Industry depending on Qualifications, Experience and Desired Qualities

Job Location:

  • New Delhi, India

Email us Resume at:

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