Web Usability tips for web site designing

Web Usability denotes developing the web more usable for everybody, including those with disabilities. Web usability helps you define the needs of your target audience. It provides visitors with fast access to the website with relevant information.

Web Usability Features

    Web Usability tips for web site designing
  • Usable page has many features which have mentioned below:
  • Web Usability uses text-based user-friendly navigation.
  • Web Usability ensures that user must access your products/services with the minimum number of clicks and be able to easily contact you at any point.
  • There is a proper call to action at the right places on the website.
  • The colors chosen must be appropriate for the website blending perfectly with an overall branding strategy.
  • The site must be different browser compatible.
  • The site must be work properly in different resolutions.
  • Web Usability ensures scannable text and significant sub-headings.
  • Web Usability has small graphics whenever possible to reduce download time.
  • It avoids using graphics as links or content.

Web Accessibility Tips for Web Site Designing

Web accessibility means that people can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the web and that they can contribute to the web. In other words, we can say that web accessibility is about making your website accessible to all Internet users regardless of what browsing technology they are using. It includes other vision-impaired users such as color blindness or the elderly, those using older browsers, users on mobiles phones or PDA's, or simply someone on a slow internet connection.

Feature of Web Accessibility

An accessible website provides its user to navigate and interact with lots of features. Following are some of them:

  • Web accessibility provides significant information in the title, h1/h2, and images alt tags.
  • Web accessibility has the most useful information near the top.
  • The website loads very fastly.
  • Web accessibility has meaningful link text.
  • It gives the user control over pages, e.g. resizing text.
  • Web accessibility includes a text-based sitemap.


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