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Twitter is a micro-blog social website. Twitter can be used to let others know what is going on with the site such as news updates, current promotions, deals, as well as what the site has to offer.

Creating a Twitter account

We will create an account at Once account created, we will customize your profile, picture, background and other bits of information you would like others to know about yourself. We will link up your site URL with description.

Posting Updates

We add on the status field and enter up to 140 characters to let your followers know what is new on your site. If you have a promotion on your site, describe it briefly, and then enter the link to your site.

Adding Link

We will add a link to your website telling your users that you are on Twitter and that they can follow you if they use the service as well. The Twitter widget can be used. We can customize widget and add to your site.

Engage everyone in your office on Twitter

It makes everyone twit about their own work and personal life. This will increase the buzz about your company on Twitter and will help you in branding your product or service.

Post special announcements, deals etc.

We will post special promotions, deals or freebies on Twitter and attract targeted audience. We can easily post links to the company blog, news or articles on Twitter and let your followers know about it in a flash.

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