Facebook Promotion Services, Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is a social networking website that allows both companies as well as personal users to create a free profile and connect with other Facebook users. Following are the methods that we use for your business promotion.

Creating a free company profile on facebook

We will create a facebook page for your company that can be a powerful tool to help you acquire new customers.

Create a company Network

A large network of your company is important to leverage the maximum benefits for your company. We will create a large network of your companies that can benefits for your company for traffic generation.

Promote your company

Promotion of your company offers an opportunity to provide brief information about your company and include a link to your company´s website.

Promote your Blog and Website

Any Blog we import will be available on the facebook page as well as on the news feeds of other Facebook users who have added you to their friend's list on Facebook. This provides further opportunities to promote company existing blog post. This can also result in traffic to your company´s website or blog as users may click on the post to read the article.

Advertise on Facebook

We may use the advertising tab on your Facebook page to create an advertisement for yours. The charge is based on pay per click or per thousand impressions. Placing an advertisement on Facebook can allow a company to target its ever increasing customer base. The charges of advertising will be borne by the client.

Facebook Application

We can develop the Facebook application after assessing your requirements. Facebook application can be used to promote your products and services.

Facebook Widgets

The facebook widgets can be integrated into your site. It will increase the visibility of your brands and services.

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