Banner Advertising Services, Banner Ads Services

We design an interactive animated banner advert, using a variety of techniques proven to significantly increase click through rates. We will then set up the banner on a carefully researched selection of banner exchange programs. We can also offer guaranteed banner programs

  • where you pay only for visitors who click through to your site. This is a similar situation to arranging links but with a banner instead.
  • Or entry level banner campaigns through major search engines such as Yahoo.
  • Or for companies with large advertising budgets, major campaigns on the search engines.

We always keep in mine the following points while giving Banner Ad:-

* The design and animation of banner must be attractive as well as it must be meaningful and precise to make visitor to click on it and complete the action which we desire say to buy a product.

* It must contain the phrase "click here" as it results in more CTR


Only for Shopping sites with a High Visitor Ratio.

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