Vlogging Services

Vlogs take advantage of web syndication to allow for the distribution of video over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for automatic aggregation and playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

Videoblog, a portmanteau combining video, web, and log, (usually shortened to vlog) is a blog that includes video. Though many vlogs are collaborative efforts, the majority of vlogs and vlog entries are authored by individuals.

New technologies has eased to snap images and to produce video. Anyone with a digital camera or camera cell phone and an Internet service provider (ISP) can create a videoblog. Videoblogging is attracting people who want to share commentary, stories, and opinions in video format.

The video clip is compressed and placed on a Web server. The content is also placed in an RSS feed and the URL shared with the videoblogging community. Videoblog aggregators (like FireAnt) automate the downloading and display of videoblogs through easy point-and-click interfaces.


  • Videoblogs cab deliver richer content than sites using just text and still images. It positions vlogs in a special class.
  • Video allows to express a personmore naturally and with greater facility than static, text-based sites.
  • As video software and hardware capabilities advance, video enthusiasts web designer could have significant influence on web site design and development for instructional purposes.
  • Videoblogging is an extension of the self-publishing phenomenon exemplified by blogging.
  • Videoblogging has the potential to expand communication options and individual expression with personal video posts. Videoblog content bypasses traditional media distributors, delivering video to aggregation clients and web sites.
  • Video logging may also gain significance because of the media literacy of today's students.


The greatest shortcomings to videoblogging are :-

  • Resources required to capture, store, and distribute video.
  • A significant investment of time and money may still be required.
  • Internet-based video distribution has extensive space and bandwidth requirements: the larger the video files, the greater the network demand and download time.
  • Videoblogging must eventually address issues of indexing, storage, and retrieval.
  • Video files need metadata for users to be able to access archival material, and the consistency with which metadata are applied will affect how useful a videoblog will be to audiences.

Current Trends

  • The tools are becoming more common, less expensive to create videoblogs.
  • Camera cell phones, Digital cameras, Webcams can record short video sequences. As content capture and editing tools become more prevalent and easier to use, digital video might become a significant communications channel.
  • Videoblogs a likely tool for recording lectures, special events, e-portfolio projects, digital story telling and so forth.
  • It is based on the popularity of blogs and podcasts, as well as the growth in video tools, videoblogging is likely to grow in popularity.

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